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Cyber Security

Cyber Security

Cyber threats emerge and evolve all the time. Cybersecurity has become a dynamic, day-to-day worry due to the exponential growth of data, new attack vectors, demanding regulatory requirements, and a scarcity of competent individuals. Attackers will never stop looking for ways to exploit your company’s weaknesses. You’ll need an effective security approach to combat dangers as long as they exist.

Tachyon Security provides solutions and help to strengthen cybersecurity across the board. We can help you assess your security status, design the optimal method, implement your solution, and manage it throughout its lifecycle.

Tachyon Security experts can help you with many cybersecurity concerns, including:

  • Optimize End-To-End Security

    We provide cyber security solutions that are tailored to the needs of the environment. We provide end-to-end security for your firm by integrating with existing software or delivering turn-key solutions.

  • Meet Regulations And Standards

    Prevent problems, extend the life of your systems, and get the most out of your investments by adhering to strict rules. Tachyon security provides the visibility needed to protect, report, respond, and comply with requirements.

  • Mitigate risk

    Cyber-attacks and breaches of critical infrastructure are becoming more common. We can assist your company in bolstering its security and resilience. Reduce your vulnerability to cyber-attacks and adhere to industry standards more consistently.

  • Reduce Downtime and Minimize Interruption.

    To avoid system downtime and business disruptions, Tachyon Security solutions aim to decrease vulnerability while supporting proactive maintenance and bolstering analytics.

Security Architecture Review

High-level proactive, vendor-agnostic Security Architecture Review to identify threats and provide best-of-breed products and services to help enterprises understand how they are being targeted and invest in the appropriate remedies.

Network Infrastructure Security

Get a full picture of network traffic depending on applications, users, and content. Remove fraudulent traffic while keeping genuine business processes flowing.

Application Security

Secure applications and databases that hold sensitive information and protect your data no matter where it is stored, utilized, or sent

Operational Security

Security experts to assist you in streamlining security operations and responding to, remediating, and ultimately anticipating and preventing problems.

Vulnerability Management

Determine whether you’ve been hacked, and devise new strategies for reducing dwell time and resolving intrusions.

Identity and Access Management

Use experts to improve the end-user experience while ensuring that only the appropriate people have access to the appropriate assets at the appropriate time and for the appropriate reasons.

Infrastructure Device Security Assessment

An internal programme that detects configuration compliance and generates a vulnerability report for your entire network infrastructure..

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