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Our Solutions

Our Solutions

Tachyon Security is one of Europe’s major solution suppliers and a worldwide integrator of technology-based business solutions. We aid organizations in not only surviving, but also thriving, by:

  • Increasing their security, innovation, agility, and responsiveness
  • Using current operations and assets to modernize their IT
  • Introducing cutting-edge business tactics that help them stay ahead of the pack
  • Securing their data, intellectual property, brand, and customer experience

We accomplish all of this and more by delivering world-class solutions based on cutting-edge technology, sourced from leading strategic partners, and delivered by the best minds in the industry. We assist our clients minimize costs, increase reliability, lessen management burdens, maximize flexibility, mitigate risk, and improve overall business service with a relentless focus on business results with the right people and partners in place.

Our Solutions

Tachyon Security Solutions is a company that specializes in security

Digital Transformation

Mapping your journey towards Industry 4.0 with security at its core

Private 5G

Unlock new revenue opportunities with ultra reliable and low latency applications.

Cyber Security

Outsmart the black hats, be a step ahead.

Enterprise Network

Level up your network to a Software defined stack.

Endpoint Management

A single pane of management, visibility and security for all of your endpoints.


Choose the right cloud provider for you to provide scalable, elastic and robust solutions.

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