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Who is looking after your network?

Don’t leave your network vulnerable to cyber threats. Choose Tachyon Security as your trusted guardian, and gain peace of mind knowing that your network is in capable hands.

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It’s a challenge for organizations to guard themselves from constantly evolving cyber attacks. With Tachyon Security, you’re gaining a true security ally. We monitor your environment 24/7 for signs of attack and are there for you when you need help.

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Remove obstacles for your business by looking out for competent staff that will supervise, monitor, and manage your network. We ensure your network, databases, devices, external services, and firewalls are running at their most optimized state.

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Our Advanced IT Services

Managed Services

Accelerate operational maturity using a tried-and-true model. Managed Services allows a company to operate with less operational constraints, increase service levels, and focus on higher-level business operations that lead to long-term success.

Migration Services

Migration is no easy task. However, when shifting to the cloud, consolidating data centres, or transitioning off of legacy infrastructure, they’re vital ventures. Tachyon’s migration services let you shift workloads safely and securely with minimal downtime to your core business operations.

Automation Services

Manual software development procedures can be automated to improve your workflow, as automated operations are more accurate and efficient. You can witness a significant reduction in the cost of resources utilized in executing the process because it eliminates the requirement to complete a huge chunk of manual activities.

Our Clients Testimonials

The quality of service has been exceptional year after year. I tell everyone that they have to try Tachyon Security.

- Manufacturing Company

Tachyon’s response time is exceptional and they always seem to find a solution.

- Healthcare Company

They provide responsive and highly skilled support. I will recommend Tachyon Security to anyone for multi-cloud operations and security

- Financial Company