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Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

The adoption of digitization in the manufacturing ecosystem has opened up opportunities for players in the form of new business models and increased customer value, with the key motivation being to enable the harmonious operation of all systems, optimize machine time, and reduce lag time. Industry leaders are having difficulty minimizing the investments required to establish an all-in-one digitization solution.

We provide manufacturing companies with future-oriented network and security solutions that are perfectly tailored to their specific demands. We assist our customers in successfully digitizing their processes from idea to development to implementation and operation. Tachyon Security’s industrial IoT solutions are built on a solid foundation of open technologies. This combines the strength of a solid core of outstanding, high-availability IP networking infrastructure, edge computing expertise, and smart managed services.

  • Data Gathering

    The Internet of Things is all on gathering data in a timely and safe manner. We’ve worked with a variety of sensors in the field and can help you collect data reliably and safely.

  • Analyze the data

    Finding predicted patterns within data streams is the holy grail of analytics, and our team of professionals uses powerful machine learning methods to analyze huge datasets and generate the insights your company requires right away.

  • Visualization of Data

    Visualization is one of the most significant parts of data analysis. We’re here to assist you comprehend what you have with the most effective tools for quickly separating the signal from the noise.

Machine assets are the superstars of your culture in the new IIoT environment, and providing them with intelligence and capturing this data can alter your entire organization. Our solutions are built on a strong set of skills that enable us to manage all of the issues that come with IoT deployments and turn them into usable data.

OT/ICS Network Design

Industry specialists will apply best practices to your industrial network to assist maintain operational resilience and security across your network architecture.

Secure OT Architecture

Reduce risk in the OT ENVIRONMENT by understanding the risks in your network and devices.

Digital Roadmap

Engagement to assess customer capabilities, define value cases, and develop digital road-maps for an edge in competitive industry

Digital Core in the Cloud

Scale cloud-based digital programmes that are based on lean processes and enable scalability, speed, and organizational agility.

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