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Next Generation Firewall

Next Generation Firewall

As part of our Professional Services, we offer comprehensive network firewall migration services to our clients. We have the knowledge, expertise, technology, and people to migrate firewalls from different manufacturers and technologies. Our firewall migration strategy is built on a tried-and-true firewall migration structure and methodology that is governed by regulatory compliance and industry best practices. We employ a strategy that incorporates critical migration milestones.

The following are the details:

  • Analyzing and Auditing
  • Validating and migrating configurations
  • Cutting over from the previous installation
  • Monitoring the new configuration for safety and performance

Using our skilled services will help you avoid potential dangers and get the most out of your new equipment. We have the knowledge and experience to do the following.

  • Getting rid of Shadow and unused rules

    Only the new, enhanced policy rules will be moved to your new hardware, and the abandoned and under utilized policy rules will be de-cluttered.

  • Efficient Migration

    We move firewalls for breakfast and are well-versed in the pitfalls. Make sure that all of your servers and services can be accessed from both inside and outside your network.

  • Take Regular Backups

    To ensure a smooth transfer, we back up your software, configuration, and rules at every stage of the migration.

You can move firewall policies with the Spade migration tool. The emphasis is on lowering risk. It leverages a machine learning core module to ensure that you never have to test a migration with real-world network traffic.

Currently, the following migrations are available:

  • Cisco ASA to Cisco FTD
  • Checkpoint to Cisco FTD
  • Fortinet to Cisco FTD
  • Palo Alto to Cisco FTD

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