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Private 5G

Private 5G

Private 5G can provide ultra-low latency and extremely high bandwidth connections to accommodate artificial intelligence-driven applications that serve an ever-increasing number of sensors and endpoints. Local processing enabled by distributed cloud architectures allows machine learning algorithms to be applied to enormous volumes of data without abandoning the business campus’s security and privacy. 5G was created with the intent of supporting the types of enormous sensor grids and industrial IoT (IIOT) applications that are now gaining traction. A 5G radio access network (RAN) not only survives, but flourishes in hostile industrial environments.

Tachyon Security works with businesses to integrate 5G infrastructure into their existing wireless networks, ensuring that they can take advantage of the new opportunities these technologies provide as well as handle the increased demands their wireless networks will face in the future. When creating private 5G infrastructures, there are numerous implementation alternatives to explore, including using a licensed network slice from an operator, licensing aided access to shared spectrum, or a wholly unlicensed band. In public or private edge computing clouds, our 5G core components and O-RAN partner products are exceedingly simple to deploy and administer.

Benefits of a private network include:

  • Reducing the company’s dependence on providers, thereby allowing full control over operating methods
  • Separate data processing and storage
  • Security policies can be designed and controlled within the organization, allowing companies to customize the network the way they want
  • The overall high speeds, low latency, and application support of 5G

The high reliability of 5G could make it easier to ensure access to improved mobile connectivity for safety critical equipment as it moves around facilities.


Private 5G could play a key role in improving the density and performance of robotics, autonomous vehicles and other automation technologies in the factory.

Oil and gas

Oil and gas facilities are likely to be another early adopter of private 5G networks because many of their facilities are located outside the range of commercial networks

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